Meaning of Fortnite Numbers 11 146 15 62 87 14 106 17 2 and 150

Many Fortnite fans are confused and waiting in anticipation for Fortnite Chapter 2 aka Season 11, but not sure what in the world is going on. As of now, when you play Fortnite you will see a black hole animation with some sound effects and every once in awhile some random numbers have been appearing … Read more

How Long Will Fortnite Be Down on July 12, 2018?

Started to play Fortnite, and still had about 20 minutes before scheduled downtime, but it appeared the servers were already down early.  Boo. I tried to start a solo match and got this message which says “Drat! We’re Sorry” So, how long will Fortnight be Down on July 12, 2018?  The answer is about 3 … Read more