Hello World!

Hello World
Hello World

Hello, World!  Welcome to “Multi Topic Blog”!  Multi Topic Blog is an experiment to see if it is possible to run a blog on a wide variety of topics – basically whatever I feel like writing about.  I thought it would be interesting to leave the default WordPress “Hello World!” post up as I usually delete it.

Can you get traffic from a Multi Topic Blog?  Or is it better to choose a targeted niche?  Stay tuned and you’ll eventually find out.

Side note.  My cat just pooped in my office while typing this blog post and cost me about 15 minutes of my time.  Thanks, World!

Anyway, my plan is to post informative, useful articles about topics that I either know a lot about or want to know a lot about.  Reviews, how to, videos, tutorials and other stuff I find interesting.  If I write about something I want to know a lot about hopefully I’ll kill two birds with one stone – I’ll learn about the topic and become an expert at it and share it with the rest of the world and save everyone the time and trouble.

Anyway, so that’s about it for now.  Please bookmark this blog and follow us on Twitter at @multitopicblog!

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