Hillary Clinton to Announce 2020 Campaign on October 3, 2019

The older you get, the wiser you get and the stronger your instinct and ESP becomes.

After noticing several interesting indicators, I hereby am making an official prediction.

Hillary Clinton will formally announce she is running for President for the 2020 election on October 3, 2019.

Why do I think this?  Why October 3, 2019?

First of all, remember that she actually believes that she won the 2016 election and was cheated out of it by Donald Trump.  Many of her voters believe the same thing.  She started the “resist” movement after officially losing to President Trump and it hasn’t slowed down since her infamous walk in the woods.

Many people mistakenly believe the resist movement is some kind of organic protest, but in reality it simply the continuation of her 2016 campaign.  Perhaps the longest campaign in history?

Does anyone actually believe that Hillary Clinton, of all people would lose the 2016 election, then sit back and watch someone like Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren win in 2020?  No.  Sorry, it’s not going to happen, folks!

If you lived through the Clinton years in the 90’s you will likely agree with me.  The Clinton’s have a lot of power and are not the type to give up and throw in the towel.

This is all about power and revenge.  Power, because they love power. Revenge from Bill Clinton getting impeached in 1999.

There’s no way she would ever let Elizabeth Warren take the crown jewel away from her – of becoming the first female president.

Biden will likely tank in the polls due the the recent Ukraine scandals.

There is one sort of crackpot theory that could happen.  Biden could pick Hillary as VP running mate, and then drop out due to health reasons making her the nominee.

Or perhaps Hillary will jump to the lead and pick Warren as her VP.  Tough to say.

Why will she announce on October 3, 2019?  Simple, this is the anniversary date of when Bill Clinton announced running for President back in 1991.

So there you have it folks.  Hillary will not only be running for president again in 2020, but I think she will likely be the Democrat nominee.

If you want to make a little moola on this prediction, you can place a bet for Hillary as 2020 Democrat nominee on the prediction site called PredictIt.  As of this writing she is only 6 cents per share!  What a bargain 🙂