What Does a 1,500 Word Blog Post Look Like?

I’m currently on action step #10 of the “Income School” make money blogging program and my task is to write a 1500 word response post.  Before beginning, I wondered…  how long is a 1,500 word blog post and what does it look like? So, I used the handy dandy Lorem Ipsum text generator and had it generate a phony 1500 word article.  Right now, I’m replacing the first two or three paragraphs with some “real” content to lead into the automatic content.  As you can see, it’s a fairly large article.  But, don’t be intimidated.  As they say, the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time! By the way, the cat was found on a free stock photo site called Morgue File.  A great site if you need a copyright free image a hurry. After I posted this blog post with all of the Lorem ipsum text on it, I had second thoughts.  What if I get punished by the search engine Gods for it?  Here’s a better idea.  I’ll write a 1,500 word post with some of my blogging tips, tricks and secrets I’ve learned over the year.  I like the idea of breaking up a 1,500 word blog post into 5 300 word chunks, so every time I hit 300 words I’ll note it here.

Random Blogging Tips & Tricks:

Where Should I Host My Blog?

I first got on the real Internet in the summer of 1995 and will never forget it.  Since then I’ve used many different hosting companies and from my experience some good ones to consider for your blog include:

A2 Hosting

These are all hosting companies that I’ve personally used so can vouch for them.  I’ve probably had the best luck overall with Dreamhost.

(300 Words so far…)

Hostgator is nice as it’s very affordable, but does crap out from time to time.  I’m fairly new to A2 Hosting but so far seems good.  Interface is not quite as intuitive as Dreamhost and Hostgator, but is all good once you get familiar with it.  All three of these hosting companies offer easy one click WordPress installs, so you can get a blog up and running many times the same day as you register a domain.

Getting a Domain Name for Your Blog

While we’re on the subject of domain names, here are a few tips on getting a domain name for your blog.  In the good ol’ days of the Internet it was a popular tactic to get the exact keyword domain of a particular niche you were targeting, but this was eventually abused by everyone so for the most part those days are over and in a lot of ways your keywords don’t matter as much.  Matt Cutts of Google gave some good advice regarding this and seems to recommend choosing a name that is more brandable instead of keyword domains.   Here is his video, so check it out: If you need help searching for good domains there are many different tools you can use.  There is one tool that is so good, I’m not even sure I want to post it here.  😀 You can start by searching on your registrar such as GoDaddy.  If you can’t find a name by searching manually, be sure to check out GoDaddy Auctions, as sometimes you can find some really good deals there by playing around with the advanced search. Another tactic is to look for recently expired domains or keep an eye on ones that are about to expire.  One of the best sites out there to look for expired domains

(600 Words So Far…)

is none other than ExpiredDomains.net.  Be careful though as this site is addictive and you may end up going on a bender and registering a bunch of names. Wow, so I just passed 600 words but it feels like a LOT more.  Onward!  lol

WordPress Security

One other note on WordPress is do not take security lightly.  Back in the glory days of blogging I had a small network of blogs that eventually made enough money that I was able to quit my job, stay home and be a full time blogger.  It was quite possibly the best money I ever made.  Each month that went by I was making more and more money…. until one day the whole thing fell apart because of an exploit by a spammer in China.  This spammer caused a lot of financial damage and a LOT of stress.  My income was shut off virtually overnight.  I’m a little fuzzy on the details but I believe when I visited my blog everything looked normal.  But when you searched Google and clicked on a search result it returned a spam page.  This caused Google to pretty much nuke my site and back then there was no way to talk to a real human to get it fixed.  I tried everything I could and only got a robotic form response.  I believe Google has added more measures to notify web site owners since then, but the big problem is it is unlikely you will get human support to know whether or not your issue was resolved. So anyway, some basic things you want to do to keep your WordPress blog secure includes keeping your WordPress software updated.  Keep plugins updated and be careful when installing plugins as some may sound cool and promise the world,

(900 Words So Far…)

but end up being a way for hackers to get in.  Just try to be a minimalist when it comes to plugins. Make backups of your blog posts by exporting them from the “Tools” menu from your WordPress admin.  Make your password hard to guess and change your settings so that your blog login name isn’t displayed.  For some reason, I think it is by default. Anyway, there are many different articles out there on WordPress security, but the point is to take it seriously as there are some bad apples out there looking to make a quick buck off your hard work.

Should You Start a Multi Topic Blog or a Targeted Niche Blog?

Personally, I think you should try both.  I LOVE a Multi Topic Blog as you can write about anything you want.  This can lead to you writing more articles since you won’t feel as restricted.  This blog is a real life test to see if multi topic blogging is still feasible as it was in the early days.  In theory it seems like you could blog about anything you want and simply create categories that represent targeted niches you are interested in.  Use the blog as a sort of “brain dump” (a good dump not a bad one) where you can share your brain with the world, help others and hopefully profit at the same time.  Once you get enough articles posted, you can then spot trends, see which articles are the most popular and you may strike gold finding a niche that you can then get a new domain name for and set up a targeted niche blog for. Some people do not recommend multi topic blogs and instead recommend going straight for a targeted niche.  This can work, too but likely the key

(1200 Words So Far…)

is to do some market research first so you don’t waste a lot of time on a blog that ends up going nowhere.  I think the key to a good niche blog is to pick a market that you are very interested in or have a lot of experience with.  You want to either be completely immersed in the topic or have already been immersed in it.  This way your content will be much more authentic compared to when you run across articles out there that are obviously outsourced or respun.  By being completely immersed you will know all of the fine details that a more spammy blog won’t know. Anyway, this has been a very enlightening experience.  I’ll be the first to admit this article is probably full of many errors and has a lot of room to be polished up.  But, this is a lot better than an article full of Lorem Ipsum text.  Honestly I think this may be the longest blog post I’ve ever written.  Most of the blog posts I wrote  in the past averaged 300-600 words and I thought that was a big post!  haha!   The sad thing is a 1,500 word post is only half the amount recommended for a really killer “meaty” blog post.  My gut tells me you could probably still do well traffic wise with blog posts that are shorter but very well written/organized.  But, after doing this post I can see why larger posts do better than smaller posts, mainly because most posts I see out there are kind of crappy.  Writing a 1,500 word blog post may be painful, but pain is good as it weeds out competition as many people won’t want to write that much… which means more traffic for you! It’s getting late and time to put this post to bed as it is now officially over 1,500 words long. Conclusion… this blog post is approximately what a 1,500 word blog post looks like!

(1500 Words!  Woo Hoo!)

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