Does the Google Pixel XL Have a MicroSD Slot?

The Google Pixel XL, is an awesome phone especially in the area of taking photos and videos.  If you shoot a lot of photos/videos you may find your phone’s internal storage space filling up quickly, requiring you to delete files in order for your phone to work properly.

You may wonder if this phone has a slot for you to add extra memory to save you from this headache.

Unfortunately, the answer is the first generation Pixel XL does not have a slot for you to add a MicroSD storage card.

However, there are a few alternative solutions if you run into storage issues.

Solution #1: Upgrade Your Phone – The first solution is to upgrade your Pixel XL to one of their newer models such as a 3, 3XL or 3a XL.   Choose a higher storage option such as 128GB.  The original basic model has 32GB, but this can fill up quickly.

Quick update – made a YouTube video on this topic if you prefer watching instead of reading 😁

Solution #2:  Use the Google Photos App – This app is amazing as it can automatically back up all of your photos and videos to the cloud so you never have to worry about losing a photo.  As of this writing, Google One pricing for 2019 is:

Up to 15 GB – Free

2 TB – $9.99/month

10 TB – $99.99/month

20 TB – $199.99/month

30 TB – $299.99/month

I’ve used my account for over 2 years and it’s only at about 10% capacity… even after taking a ton of photos and video.

Important note: To save on your data plan, be sure to make sure the app only uploads over WiFi.

Solution #3: External USB C memory stick/thumb drive.  There are many different options available.  Currently the most recommended drive is the Sandisk Ultra 128GB Dual Drive USB Type-C.  Just plug it in to your USB C port and you now have a ton of extra space.


Although the Pixel XL does not have an SD or MicroSD card slot, there are many options to increase your storage space on your phone.  So, like Douglas Adams says… “Don’t Panic!”  🙂