What to Do Before You Sell, Give Away or Trade In Your DJI Spark Drone

The DJI Spark drone is the first real drone I have owned, and like many owners out there, you will probably agree it is an awesome drone – especially for the price.  But, technology and life situations change quickly, so you may reach a point where you want to sell it in order to upgrade to an even better drone, or perhaps pay your bills.

You may first be tempted to simply list your drone for sale and be done with it.  But, like cell phones, laptops and computers there are a few things you should do to prepare your DJI Spark before you sell it.

Before you sell, give away or trade in your DJI Spark drone you will want to do things such as – make sure the memory card is removed (unless you are selling it, too), notify the FAA that you no longer own it (if you properly registered it in the first place), remove the FAA registration label (if you put it on your drone) and a few other things, just to make sure it gets a fresh start when the new owner acquires it.

If you are ready to prepare your DJI Spark for resale or think you will in the future, keep reading or bookmark this page for future reference.

Reminder, the DJI Spark is considered a hobby drone, so these instructions are only meant for hobby drones and not commercial ones.

How to Unregister Your DJI Spark from the FAA

De-register your DJI spark with the FAA – Since the Spark is a smaller drone meant for hobbyists, this step may not be required.  Requirements may change over time, so it’s always a good idea to contact the FAA to double check.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to contact them myself to double check what the rules are as of October, 2018.  Once I get an official response, I’ll update this article.

Cancel your UAS Registration – I just logged into my FAADroneZone account and looks like there is an option to cancel your drone license so this is probably the best way to go.  In order to do so, take the following steps:

1 – Go to the FAADroneZone web site at https://faadronezone.faa.gov

2 – Login with your username/password you created when you first registered your drone.

3 – After you log in, you should have the option to view your Dashboard under “Fly sUAS under Part 107”.  For the record, UAS stands for “small Unmanned Aircraft Systems”.

4 – You will then see your “Part 107 Dashboard” which will list all of your active sUAS.  Click the button that says “Manage sUAS Inventory”.

5 – You will then see a section that says “Your Registered Inventory”.  (see screenshot sample).  On the very right side of the drone you plan to sell, trade or give away, you will see an icon with 3 dots lined up vertically.  Click that and it will reveal a menu with options of “Clone, Details, Cancel or Resend”.  Click “Cancel” if you are ready.

6 – Cancel UAS Registration – If you are ready to cancel, you will now be on the final screen.  Select a reason why you are cancelling in the drop down menu on the bottom right side that says “Select cancel reason”.  Options are Damaged, Lost, Sold, Stolen and Unspecified.  For most purposes you should select “Sold”.

7 – Be sure to confirm that you want to cancel by selecting the checkbox before you hit the “Cancel Registration” button.

That’s it!  Your drone will no longer be registered to you and the new owner will need to re-register once they receive it.  Or, if you decide at the last minute you don’t want to sell it, then you would have to re-register with new payment.  No worries, it’s only $5.  🙂

Other Steps You May Need to Take…

Remember to remove your Certificate Number from your drone before you ship it or hand over to the new owner.  Typically, a drone owner would have made or bought a sticker or label to apply to their drone.

Customized Drone Labels – There are many companies out there where you can buy a customized label for your drone that lists a phone number to call if the drone is lost/found as well as the drone’s UAS registration number.  Check Amazon, eBay, your local hobby shop, etc.

Discharge batteries to 40% to 65% power level.  This is recommended before storage and flying as they are much safer at these levels.

Reset DJI Spark Wi-Fi SSID and Password – This is optional, but you may wish to reset the wifi SSID and password for security reasons.  Here is a video tutorial on how to do so.

Restore to Factory Default – To further protect your privacy,  you may wish to reset your drone to factory default using DJI Assistant 2.  Here’s another handy dandy video tutorial on this subject.

Format Micro SD Card – If you are including your Micro SD card with the purchase, be sure to format it and remove images, videos, panoramas and format it.  You can do this through the DJI Go 4 App while the drone is connected and communicating with your phone or tablet.  What if I told you there was another tutorial on YouTube that covers this subject?  Here it is…

How to Transfer DJI Care Refresh

If you purchased the DJI Care Refresh coverage when you bought your Spark, you can transfer it to the new owner provided the coverage is still active.  According to DJI, the coverage is attached to the aircraft’s serial number and the seller would just need to forward the service agreement to the buyer.

Where Should You Sell Your Drone?

Personally, I would recommend selling in person, locally if you can.  Check Facebook to see if they have a local buy/trade/sell group in your area.  Craigslist is another option, but be safe and keep an eye out for scams.  You can also try one of the many local selling apps like OfferUp for your iPhone or Android.

The only downside to selling locally is you may have to wait longer to sell it.  But, if they pay with cash you’ll save yourself from headaches such as – packaging and mailing your drone, insurance, huge seller fees, postage, etc.

eBay – If you don’t sell locally, then eBay will be your next best option.  Just make sure you protect yourself to avoid getting ripped off.  Only ship to confirmed addresses, block bidders that have zero feedback, only ship to your own country and make sure you have tracking numbers.  Put sold “as is” in the eBay description and make sure you do not accept returns.  Take good photos, accurately describe the condition of the drone and mention any defects if any.  Be as accurate as possible.


As sad as it may be to sell your beloved DJI Spark, there is great joy in receiving cash for it.  And don’t worry, this industry is changing fast so it probably won’t be long before the next DJI Spark 2 is released.  Best to sell early.  If you wait too late, it may depreciate rapidly once a new version is released.  This may not be an issue for you if you are selling to upgrade to an even better drone.  The only sadness comes if you are selling and you will not have a drone at all.  😀

I hope this article has helped you properly prepare your drone for resale.  I will be going through the entire process soon, so if I discover anything else that needs to be added I will update this post with new information.  If you see anything I have missed or have any suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

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