What is Your Daily Internet Routine Like?

I thought it would be interesting to do a survey on Amazon Mechanical Turk and ask what everyone’s daily Internet routine is like.  Here are a few of those results.

For my next survey, I think I’ll add more details/options to get better answers, but this is a fun start… enjoy!

I typically keep Facebook open all day in a tab to check on once in a while. I also visit Youtube to check for any new videos to my subscriptions and watch them if there are. I also rotate between checking Twitter and Instagram on the web twice a day or so when I’m on my laptop. I have a plugin for checking email that lets me know when I get any, so I don’t constantly have mail open. When out and about, I check Facebook on my phone once every few hours, but mostly use Facebook messenger. When I get bored I’ll also check Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat on my phone. I do check the Google Feed for news stories to read when I wake up in the morning or when I have a meal break. I use desktop more than mobile phone most days.

I check email a couple of times per day. I also check the weather on weather.com, news on cnn.com and money on marketwatch.com I use my desktop more than my mobile.

So typically I am up early…like now…on my laptop… I drink a cup of ketocoffee and open a tab for mturk, my email, my other business stuff and I turn on my tv. I also have my iphone handy and throughout the day I am using snapchat, twitter, facebook, and instagram apps on it, for work and personal. I also play candy crush too. I check my email often because with work I get alot of updates I must pay attention. Thats typically my day minus showers, kids, dinner, and praising the Lord. Websites are all the apps and wandasncredible.com ketofornia.net wandasncredible.startketotoday.com plus all the apps on my phone that I mentioned.

Daily, I work from home so I use a lot of proprietary work apps, I also browse using Chrome, and I check email 3x a day.

I constantly check my personal and work e-mail throughout the day. Roughly every twenty minutes, I will go onto each application and refresh my mail. The next highest trafficked apps for myself are Safari and Twitter. I use both to read the news. I enjoy stating up to date on sports. I will also use the Kindle app to read books throughout the day. The websites that I check the most are ESPN and Amazon. When I want to shop for myself, I will look at Homage and Express. I use my mobile phone the most, followed by my laptop. During the summer, I typically use my laptop more.

the internet provide the quick news about social related things and sports related activity.

Start Steam and Teamspeak. Check my email on gmail using Google Chrome. Check reddit.com. Check youtube for new videos I am interested in.

Play games with my friends on Steam. Watch game streams on Twitch.tv.”

I get email alerts, both work and personal, on my phone through push alerts. I usually read the news as soon as I wake up. I also check my finances. When I get home I might shop or get on mturk. I check reddit a few times a day as well. I use my phone while at work and my laptop (mostly) at home.

My daily internet routine is to log on in the morning after waking up, checking emails, and seeing if there’s any important matters I need to attend to. I log in with my laptop usually, but on occasions I will log in with my tablet or smartphone. I generally have my Outlook open the entire time so all emails come through automatically. As for my daily websites, I tend to view everything that’s on the yahoo homepage. I check out if there’s any urgent news stories or events.

First I check my email, next check robinhood for stocks, and cryptocurrency prices, next head to mturk to make a few dollars and then leave the house and go to work.

Wake up and use Outlook mobile app to check work e-mail. Then, check twitter, facebook, and discord mobile apps. When I get to work, have access to laptop where Google chrome is used to check company information, check facebook/twitter/discord. Also, check local papers for current state I reside in and my childhood state. During commute to and from work, I use apple podcasts to listen to downloaded podcasts. Lastly, use my desktop to play online games such as MMOs and MOBAs using company launchers and Steam/GoG/Origin/Uplay. At the end of the day, I use my mobile to play marvel puzzle quest and do final checks of facebook,twitter, discord, and outlook. Email apps for gmail and yahoo also checkout throughout the day on mobile/desktop

I work from home for a major hospitality client. Therefore I am on the internet for every day I work. Normally 5-6 hours. When get up in the morning I am using my smart phone for Google, Mail, Facebook, recipes, etc. My laptop is used for Turk, mail, work schedule, Word, Excel, etc.

Unhealthy, indulgent, excessive. Despite the general poor quality of material found. Sites visited include BBC, Yahoo, Wikipedia on mobile.

I browse social media such as snapchat, instagram and facebook. Then I read reddit, watch youtube, check email and then play games. I use mobile in bed, so morning and night. then rest of the day i use more desktop.

I typically use my PC for gaming and more difficult searches as well as word processing and email checking. I use my mobile for my online calendar, mobile gaming and simple searching. I tend to use my desktop more when at home and rarely use my mobile device, when traveling I typically use my mobile device as it is more convenient for the on-the-go traveler.

PC: Battle.net, google, YouTube, Netflix, Wikipedia. Mobile: Angry Birds, Pokémon Go, Google Search, Safari, Netflix I check email constantly, corporate emails and personal Gmail on my PC and personal Gmail on my mobile.”

I exclusively use my cell phone. I use mostly apps. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I spend most of my day watching YouTube videos. I also frequent a message board called Resetera on the Chrome web browser. i also spend a lot of time following hobbies on the Reddit mobile site. i also sometimes talk to my internet friends using the Discord app. very rarely ill play a mobile game, usually something Sonic the hedgehog. i am on my phone most of the day. i have no use for a laptop. i also have my entire music collection on my phone. i dislike streaming sites like Spotify. i like to actually own my music. cuz if ypu dont have internet then all your music is cut off.

I use it almost everyday. I use it mainly on my cell phone. I check my email about once an hour. I check facebook and snapchat. I often find myself googling things all day too.

I go on my gmail not constantly (probably 5-10 times a day), I go on reddit a LOT, facebook only once a week probably. Most days I like to go archiveofourown.org to read some good fiction. I also read some news most days, mostly from the News app on my iPhone.

I mostly use.my phone for internet. I use following apps: facebook, betonline, twitter, email and messengers. I mainly use chrome to work on amazon mturk or do bitcoin trading.

Check facebook and make an inspritional post or share a video, scroll through news feed and training videos for work, follow up with all emails and send out any resumes or scheduling that needs to be done, mturk on and off throughout the day. Check updates for sons homeschooling

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