How Long Will Fortnite Be Down on July 12, 2018?

Started to play Fortnite, and still had about 20 minutes before scheduled downtime, but it appeared the servers were already down early.  Boo.

I tried to start a solo match and got this message which says “Drat! We’re Sorry”

So, how long will Fortnight be Down on July 12, 2018?  The answer is about 3 to 4 hours on average.  According to their website, downtime will start at 4am ET in the USA.  So, you can expect to be able to play again at around 7am.

“Sorry, but we had to disable matchmaking.  We’re working hard to bring it back up.  Check out for updates.

When you click continue, you get a website that shows everything seems to be operating normally.  LOL

The standard alert appeared at all times below warning of an upcoming downtime, but
looks like they started the downtime early.

Well, maybe that’s a good thing and I can go to sleep!

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